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Why You Should Protect Your Plants When Cleaning Your Roof or Home

Having your roof cleaned is great for your property value, but not so much for the plants surrounding your property. Unless you have an unlimited budget to replace all of the flora around your home, there are several things you should do to protect your plants when cleaning your roof.

Why You Should Protect Your Plants When Cleaning Your Roof or Home Regardless of what is used on your roof to clean it, the solutions used will have chemicals in them that will kill the plants around your home. They have to in order to kill the plants (mold, mildew and algae) growing on your roof.

But unless you don’t care about your plants turning brown and dying, you should protect them from the solutions. These solutions contain different chemicals, but they generally contain a sodium hypochlorite base solution. The salts in the solution will kill your plants. Some companies use bleach, which is also very harmful to plants.

So, what is the solution? Cover the plants. Cover plants and the grass close to your home with tarps. A professional roof cleaning company will do it for you. That will keep the majority of the solution off of the plants and grass, but it’s not foolproof.

The second part of the “protect your plants” process is to rinse plants and grass with water after the roof has been cleaned. A lot of water. Since it’s the concentration of the salts that is the key to killing the mold, mildew and algae on the roof, using a lot of water will literally water down the salts and make them much less harmful to the rest of the wanted greenery around your home.

These days most people don’t have unlimited budgets to replant the gardens around their homes. Protecting what is already there is the key to keeping your home looking great after a thorough roof cleaning.

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