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How To Properly Clean Pool Deck Pavers

Your pool is an integral part of your outdoor entertaining space. Keeping your pool deck pavers clean is one way to accomplish having it look great but also to be sure it lasts a lifetime.

There are definite benefits to keeping your pool deck pavers clean

How To Properly Clean Pool Deck PaversOne is to keep the color looking great. You choose them for their color, so keep them looking new. Sun, wind and rain, not to mention pool chemicals and food and drink spills, can affect color. Cleaning them will help negate those forces.

Even if you sealed your pavers, growth of mold, mildew and algae can cause serious safety issues. How? They cause damage and slippery conditions that can cause falls. If someone slips and hits their head, then falls in the pool…

So cleaning on a regular basis is incredibly important

You should follow certain tasks on a regular basis. Weekly you should broom clean to remove dirt and debris when they are more easily removed. It will remove not just dirt, but leaves, pine needles, grass clippings and other spills that need to be addressed. If you wait, they can become harder to remove.

If you see any weeds popping up between pavers, pull them too. Monthly do a good cleaning of the pavers with a hose and scrub brush. Yearly you should do more.

Your pavers should be pressure washed and sealed once a year. Yearly is also the time to replace any pavers that have been damaged. Sealing will help those weekly and monthly cleaning tasks be much easier. This is a much bigger job and while you could do it yourself, it may be the time to call in a pro to help out.

You spent a lot of money to make your pool and outside space look top notch. So spend some time to keep them looking great.

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