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Paver Sealing – Don’t Ruin Your Pavers, Keep Them Sealed And Protected

You paid a pretty penny for the pavers on your walkways, driveway or pool deck. It doesn’t take much for all sorts of things to ruin those pavers. So why wouldn’t you do something to protect them? What can you do? Seal them!

Sealing your pavers protects them

Don’t Ruin Your Pavers, Keep Them Sealed And ProtectedThere are all sorts of environmental things that can damage and stain your pavers. UV rays from the sun can cause fading. Your pavers are susceptible to fading from the sun’s harsh UV rays. That fantastic color you like so much will look faded and old over time. Leaves and sap from trees can stain pavers.

If you have pavers for your driveway, oil, mud, rubber and other debris tracked in on your cars will stain the pavers. Paver stones are porous and absorb a lot of different things. Mud, bird and animal droppings, oil, sap, leaves and other dirt. After all of that they look stained, tired and dirty looking.

Sure, you can clean them, but some stains are more stubborn than others.

Why risk it?

If you have them sealed, your pavers will be protected and looking like new for 3 to 5 years. They will be easier to clean and keep clean and will continue to look great. The sealer will mean that a periodic power wash will be sufficient to keep them clean. Sealing them will also keep them from being slick or slippery when wet. Pool decks and patios are safer when sealed.

Call a professional

If you aren’t sure about how to maintain your pavers, or how to seal them, call a professional. They will help you find the best way to keep them maintained and looking fantastic.

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