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Palm Harbor Roofing Tips – Why Should You Wash Your Shingle Roof?

Here’s a simple Palm Harbor roofing question, why should you wash your shingle roof? Here’s a roofing tip to answer it…there are a few reasons, so read on to get them all!

Palm Harbor Roofing Tips - Why Should You Wash Your Shingle Roof?If you live in Palm Harbor or anywhere else and you have a home with a shingle roof, it will get dirty. But that dirt isn’t just dirt that makes your home look older, tired and in need of a good scrub. That dirt is actually damaging your roof. Washing it isn’t an option.

Reason #1:

Those black streaks on your roof make your home look unattractive and uncared for. If you are selling your home, any buyer seeing them is seeing dollar signs. They scream “I NEED REPLACING” to a prospective buyer. That lowers the value of your home. Homeowner’s associations see them as something that makes the rest of the neighborhood look aged and not worth as much.

Reason #2:

Those streaks are algae, moss, mold and mildew. One problem with just leaving them there is that they can get into your home. Mold in your home can make people sick. Best bet is to have it professionally cleaned off so it doesn’t get inside.

Reason #3:

That algae, moss, mildew and mold also damage the integrity of the shingles. To those live things, the things your shingles are made out of are food. They will eat away at it. Depending on what is up there eating away, the granules on your shingles will be loosed and fall off. The problem then is those granules reflect away the ultraviolet rays and excess heat from the sun so that it doesn’t get into your home. The moss (also called lichen) acts like a sponge for moisture. It holds it and keeps it right on your roof, causing shingle damage, and providing moisture for more moss, algae, mildew and mold to grow.

So call a Palm Harbor roofing professional today and get your roof cleaned. Your home, roof and neighbors will thank you! (727) 599-9252

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