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Painting Prep For Stucco Homes | Tips From A Professional Painter

Tips From A Professional PainterSpring is finally here and now it’s time to spruce up your home. Inside is done, but you’ve noticed that the siding on your stucco home is looking dingy and needs repair and paint. It’s not as easy as just slapping new paint on top of what you have. There is prep work to be done.

First, you need a clean surface to paint

Not only will dirt mix into your paint, making the new paint job look dingy from the get go, it affects the adhesion of the paint. That means that you’ll be painting again, and sooner than you should. So, clean the surface. Stucco gets even dirtier than your typical wood or vinyl sided home because of the inherent cracks and crevices.

Take the time to get a clean surface

They hide the dirt so it is important to take the time to get a clean surface. Before you just pull out the power washer and have at it, contact a professional to advise the best way to clean it.
After you clean it, you’ll find spots that have cracks. Don’t panic! They most likely need caulking. Find a textured caulking as opposed to a smooth caulking. Smooth caulking doesn’t look right on the rough surface and the fix will stick out like a sore thumb. Other areas may need patching. If there is a large area with damage and caulking isn’t feasible, you can mix up and apply a stucco patch, either a premade one or one you actually mix yourself. Either way, apply it and let it dry before you paint. If you don’t allow it to completely dry it will crumble away in a year.

Primer first!

Next, prepare the entire surface by painting a coat of primer. It will make your color coat look even and last longer.

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