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How Painting Your Exterior Stucco Extends The Life of Your Home

Stucco is a popular home exterior. Yours is looking a bit tired and you’re wondering if you should paint it. You could leave it as it is, but did you know that painting your exterior stucco will help extend the life of your home? It will.

Stucco is a rough material that contains cement, sand, lime and water

It is popular in the south and southwest US. It’s rather inexpensive to maintain, but left unpainted it can cost you How Painting Your Exterior Stucco Extends The Life of Your Homea lot in the long run. Like a concrete sidewalk or driveway, untreated stucco absorbs water. That moisture can lead to mildew, mold and algae growth. All of those weaken the stucco making it crack and crumble. The moisture also is absorbed into the home, and as it cracks and crumbles, leaves the underlying structure open to the elements. Unpainted stucco also stains easily and those stains aren’t easily cleaned away.

Painting is a great way to protect the stucco and your home

Using a paint that is made for stucco, or one that is high quality and water resistant, is the best way to protect it. Paint sticks well to stucco and doesn’t tend to peel. The rough surface helps the paint stick well. A painted surface it is also much easier to repair when cracks do appear in places like around the corners of windows. It’s also much easier and less expensive to clean any staining that might appear.


Paint provides a barrier to water, dirt and things like mold, mildew and algae. It keeps it from penetrating the stucco and getting into your home. That will keep the same problems from occurring inside your home.


And of course, there is the “I hate the color of my house” after you painted it 10 years before and the color is now so dated you can’t stand it. Repainting is easily enough accomplished and you can change that dated color for a new, fresh look, that also helps your property value stay up to date as well.

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