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I’m sure you’re your curious

If you’ve had your roof cleaned numerous times over the years you’re probably thinking, yeah right whats the catch , how can this actually be. How come none has ever talked about this before?


Well Roof cleaning has become a major growth industry that has grown in epic proportions and the industry will   continue to grow all over the United States mainly because of the outrageous  spread of algae growth.

 Have you ever thought about why  does algae  grow on roofs   especially your roof. hmm

Well honestly, the algae  has found a great  place to eat the local buffet, that s right it only grows because it has found something worth eating,  That’s the real reason it grows on your roof and everything else. I had one customer refer to it as pond scum growing on his roof.

So what’s for dinner, your roof?

So from today on let’s think about this

  •  What if you never had to clean your roof again of mildew and algae?
  • What if you never had to have someone pressure cleaning your roof tiles  (actually create a mini hurricane) on your roof.  And possibly  break and crack tiles , you know by that  that 300 lb guy traipsing  on your roof pulling a water pressure hose that blast an excess of 3000 lbs of pressure that could loosen up the concrete joints ,
  • What if you never had to have that process done again?
  • What if you would never have to call the roofer back to have tiles fixed after someone pressure washed your roof.

OR let’s take a look at the chemical clean for your shingle roof, or tile roof

  • What if you never had to have harsh chemicals sprayed on your roof to clean and kill the algae?
  • And never had to worry about these harsh chemicals burning and killing your expensive and precious plants every couple of years.
  • What if you never had to be concerned about getting that hated letter from your Home owners association telling you, you have to clean your roof or you will be fined?

Or this Yes this also happens

  • Never gets a letter from your insurance company telling you to clean your roof or they will not renew you home owner’s policy,
  • Never have to be embarrassed by having the ugliest roof in the neighborhood.

We have a process that will keep algae and mildew from growing on your roof so

  Why would have to ever have your roof cleaned again. That’s what we are saying.

Our process is like having a pest repellent, it’s actually an (algae) repellent. A natural product that actually respells algae

Our process keeps the algae from creating a buffet of your roof.

Now wouldn’t it make sense to maintain your roof with algae repellent for a fraction of the cost of cleaning with no potential damage to your roof or plants? And never get that dreaded pain in the _____ letter from your home owners association.


If you’d like to see if your roof is a candidate for our Never Clean Your Roof Again program

click here to make an appointment to have some one come out and go over our program with you

But first there is only one catch, see you were waiting for one so I had to give you one

** if your roof is black and that’s not the real color and has  black streaks you roof may need one last cleaning with our gentile roof clean before it would qualify for our never clean your roof again program, that s  it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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