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Why You Need a Clean Roof

Come on, a clean roof is better than a dirty roof any day. A dirty roof looks bad, but did you know that isn’t the only problem you will have with a dirty roof? It looks like its old and needs replacing lowering the value, but the appearance of what we are calling dirt can cause damage and damaged roofs make an even bigger dent in your home’s value. Not only that, the reasons this appearance causes damage will shorten the life of your roof causing staining on the roof that will absorb the heat and raise the temperatures in your home, and possibly be harmful to your health.

Why You Need a Clean RoofSo what is in this “dirt” that is so bad? Or is it even dirt? To start with it’s algae. Some of the darker kinds of roof stains are caused by algae called Gloeocapsa magma, which is a blue-green algae found in warm humid climates like Florida. Algae spores are blown or carried onto the roof and then they feed on either the limestone filler in asphalt shingles, actual dirt found on the roof or tiles on tile roofs. When the algae grows they make the roof retain water and make it easier for other things to grow and damage your roof. Like Fungi.

Another bad inhabitant that will badly damage your roof is fungi. Fungi also thrive in a humid environment, and they need organic matter to “eat”, because unlike algae, they have no chlorophyll so they can’t make their own food. Roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles are the perfect food. Shingles made from organic matter are a perfect food source. This means that if left unchecked, fungi will eat away at your roof. Fungal spores can also be a bad allergen. Mold, a common type of fungi can cause serious health problems, including asthma.

So mold or other types of fungi left unchecked on your roof can get inside your home. Spores can get in through the attic, open windows, down through the walls and then the damage can get extensive and expensive. Any mold in your home is problematic, hard to eradicate and a serious threat to the health of the people who live in your home. Anyone with respiratory problems could be affected.

You need a clean roof to keep your family safe from health problems, and keep algae and fungi from damaging your roof and costing you money.

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