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Where You Live Matters – Why Florida Roofs Take Such a Beating

Where you live matters in how long your roof will last. Your roof is your home’s first defense against the weather. Is it any wonder it wears out? The north and northeast have extremes in temperatures and snow, but Florida roofs have to deal with high temperatures, torrential rain on a regular basis and high humidity. There is something you can do to help it, though!

Where You Live Matters - Why Florida Roofs Take Such a BeatingMaybe you’ve thought about using a roof coating to extend the life of your Florida roof. It’s a smart idea, but you also need to keep the same things in mind when having it applied as you have in mind about why you need it – where you live and the weather it will be standing up to. Choosing a coating needs to be carefully done and depends on the climate of where you are. In Florida the weather is hot and humid. In the summer you get hot sun with its UV rays, afternoon downpours and hurricanes from June to October delivering torrential rain and high winds. The roof and what you coat it with has to be able to handle it all.

Remember where you live matters so a few things to consider when talking to your roofing professional. For your Florida roof, go light or white. It reflects the UV as opposed to absorbing it. That helps cut down on not only the heat caused by the high temperatures, but also any trapped humidity in the home becoming an issue. Also keep in mind that your roof needs to be in decent shape before coating. Fix any issues with compromised materials. Then be sure your professional knows what coatings are appropriate for Florida roofs and how to make sure they are applied correctly. One that has good adhesion in cold weather really isn’t what you need! Applying them in the rain isn’t either!

Taking care of your roof in Florida can be challenging, but if you find the right roofing professional to help, you’ll be dry and comfortable for years to come!

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