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Is house paint more than just color?

When it comes time for your yearly home maintenance do you consider getting your house painted? Many may think of house painting as just curb appeal not as a necessity for proper maintenance of the home. It may be time to change your thinking. Painting your house is about far more than color, it will actually help to protect it from the elements as well as protecting it from normal wear and tear. Properly maintaining the home by keeping the paint up to date will protect the materials that were used to build your home and protect it from the humid Florida climate. Think about how much money it will cost to replace an entire wall of your house because mold got into the wood due to lack of proper maintenance. Not to mention the things inside your home that can be damaged due to rotting wood. Not all homes have walls built of wood, but all of the materials can become damaged over time with lack of care. Painting during your home maintenance will prove to be worth the money you spend on hiring a professional to do it. Remember the paint that will be applied during this time will act as a protective coat that will repel water and form a barrier against mold and algae that can build up on your house. Just one spot that has some erosion on the painted exterior can allow massive water damage. The moisture that will build up will allow for molds and fungus to enter your home and to thrive. This can turn into a major health risk as well as costing you far more money than you would have spent to paint the house in the first place.

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