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What All Is Involved In Pressure Washing Your Roof?

You are starting to notice that your roof is looking drab, dirty and has black spots. Time for pressure washing, you think. Well, have you ever thought about what is involved in pressure washing a roof? You might want to stop and think if doing it yourself or hiring a professional is a good idea.

Danger: Wet slippery roofs!

What All Is Involved In Pressure Washing Your Roof?So you want to know what’s involved. Google “what is involved in pressure washing a roof” and plenty of things pop up.

Most tell you its easy enough to do yourself, but just be careful climbing on the roof. What they don’t say is wet roofs, with algae or lichen on them are very slippery. Some even tell you to be careful using full pressure so you don’t damage the roof. Others say to use a bleach solution to kill anything growing on it. Then they tell you to spray down the roof, never up. If you spray up it will force water under the shingles causing leaks.

What those google results won’t tell you is that pressure washing your roof will always damage it. Water under pressure will force the granules off the roofing shingles that protect them and reflect heat and UV rays away from your home. Bleach does kill algae and mold, but it also kills your landscaping. The water pressure sends spores flying into the air and back into your home.

Gentle Wash:

A good roofing professional will recommend cleaning your roof using Gentle Wash. It’s a process of applying a cleaning solution, letting the solution sit and work, and rinsing it using a water flow that is about the same pressure as a garden hose. No roof damage, no spores flying around the roof to resettle and regrow, and clean roof.

So don’t pressure wash, Gentle Wash! Want a free quote from a local pressure washing professional? Give us a call today! (727) 599-9252

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