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How to Paint a Room Fast

If you don’t have a lot of time to paint a room, your best bet is to hire a pro, but if you have to do it yourself, or you love painting, here are some good tips on how to paint a room fast.

How to Paint a Room FastFirst, start with a clean surface. The best way to do that is to clean surfaces with dirty spots with a house hold spray cleaner. It will quickly wash off dirt, grime and soot to make the new paint adhere well. The next thing that usually takes a long time is taping off edges along woodwork and ceilings.

The blue painters tape usually works the best however, with some practice cutting in along trim can save a lot of time. To do that use a good tapered paintbrush. A 2.5 inch brush works best. The less expensive the brush the messier the paint job. Dip the brush in the pail, tap to knock off excess paint, then brush the paint on the wall, about one half an inch from the trim. On the second pass cut in all the way to the trim. Don’t push the paint with the bristles or you’ll leave a ridge, instead use just enough pressure to let the bristles glide next to the trim.

Once you get good at cutting in, you may want to keep going and do it all at once. Don’t. If you do that, the paint you already put on the wall will dry and won’t blend in as well with the newly wet paint. To quickly cover large walls use a roller and this technique. Start at the bottom and roll straight up, unload the roller moving it up the wall always use a wet roller. Then roll back down over the same area. Put more paint on the roller and roll up again moving over about 3 inches, repeating the process until the wall is covered. As you work your way over, make sure to smooth out any runs or lap marks. Also roll horizontally where you cut in along the baseboard and ceiling.

These days paint, especially latex paint, dries fast. Check for runs or lap marks as you go so they don’t dry before you can fix them.

Follow these tips and you will know how to paint a room fast!

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