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Proper Home Maintenance Can Decrease Your Costs Of Ownership

Owning a home can be costly. It can be even more costly if you don’t maintain it. How does proper home maintenance decrease your cost of home ownership? Here’s just a few ways.

Heating and air conditioning systems

One important home maintenance chore you should do regularly is change the air filters in your heating Proper Home Maintenance Can Decrease Your Costs Of Ownershipand air conditioning systems. One benefit that is important is that it will keep the air in your home cleaner. There will be less allergens in the air to cause or aggravate allergies. Next, keeping clean filters will mean your heating and air conditioning system works more efficiently. That saves money on your utility bills. It also makes your HVAC not work as hard, extending its life span. Replacing filters costs about $30 to $50, replacing your HVAC costs thousands.

Install a water filter

Another way to save money in the long run is to install a water filter and if you live in an area with acidic water, a neutralizer. It will cost a bit up front, but the savings in plumbing costs will be in the thousands. Filtering out debris, metals and other gunk from your water will make it taste better, and keep things like rust stains from damaging your tub, showers and sinks.

Neutralizing acidic water will keep damage to your pipes from causing leaks. If you have copper piping, acidic water will eat the pipes from the inside out. It will leave blue stains on sinks (and turn blonde hair green), and weaken pipes. After awhile they will burst and cause water damage to flooring, furniture and other property.

Your roof

A third item of maintenance that will save you a lot of money is regularly inspecting and cleaning your roof. Regular inspection will draw your attention to any problems before they become expensive ones. Having your roof cleaned regularly will extend its life by removing dirt, debris and damaging algae, mold and mildew.

Be smart. Spend a little now to maintain your home instead of paying thousands later to fix it.

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