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Homeowner Horror Stories – Why You Should Hire a Professional to Work on Your Roof

Replacing your roof is an expensive proposition. Not only that, Google the phrase “roofing or homeowner horror stories” and story after story of homeowners being rooked by shady contractors or stuck with roofers who don’t know what they are doing proliferate. So between the expense and horror stories, many homeowners decide to do it themselves. Not a good idea.

Homeowner Horror Stories - Why You Should Hire a Professional to Work on Your Roof Do you know what to do to fix or replace a roof? There are real professionals out there for hire. Roofing is a very dangerous job. Think about it, you are typically on an angled surface, 20 to 30 feet above the ground or more. If that wasn’t dangerous enough the roof will be damaged and probably unsafe to walk on in part or in whole. So, do you know how to safely attach yourself to the roof so you don’t fall? Sure, TV shows where people fall through a hole in the roof look funny, but in reality it isn’t.

Splintered wood can cause huge gashes in your body requiring stitches. Old rusty nails can give you tetanus. Lockjaw, horribly painful muscle spasms and possible death are always fun. Without safety harnesses, one small misstep can mean broken bones at the least, broken backs or serious head injuries in the middle or death at the worst. Is never walking, talking or even breathing worth saving a few thousand dollars? Hire a professional!

Do you know how to use power tools like nail guns? Do you know how to replace the underlayment, felting and shingles so they don’t leak or fall off? You are trying to avoid the horror stories, but many of them involve incompetence. As a homeowner, is your knowledge of fixing a roof any better than theirs? Kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Now finding a quality, professional roofer doesn’t sound like such a big deal anymore, does it? Don’t risk your life; the savings aren’t worth the risk.

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