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Home Preventative Maintenance and Insurance

I am on top of the world every day as a maintainer of roofs! And roof maintenance is just as important as keeping your gutters clean and your sidewalks free of algae and mold.

And speaking of roofs, if you haven’t looked into getting a reduction on your property insurance by having a wind mitigation inspection done, I would strongly recommend it.

There is a Florida statute that compels all insurance companies to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credit, or other rate differentials..” if their home meets particular construction standards that assist in reducing damage by wind from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Contact your insurance agent and confirm that they are subscribing to this statute. Then hire a roof inspector. He or she will charge between $75-$150; but make sure you get a recommendation from a trusted source. Then you submit the report to your insurance agent to have the premium reduction processed.

You will love the savings so much that you will be able to hire the professionals at Elite Home and Property Services to take care of the rest of your home’s upkeep! Life is good!

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