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Home Maintenance and Exterior Care

Home Maintenance and Exterior Care

Keeping the outside of your home properly maintained can be a great tool for the homeowner. Aside from the aesthetic value preventative maintenance is a great way to keep up the value of your home fairly inexpensively. Some of the tasks often overlooked include shoring up the gutters and touching up or repainting the trim on the house. Spot-checking the area and doing minor repairs are time-consuming tasks, often dangerous to the inexperienced “Do it yourself” homeowner.

Plants that are too close to the house can cause dirt and debris to build on the walls. Hidden from view mold, mildew, algae and even moss often grow until they start damaging the foundation and exterior of the home. There are specific ways to trim plants and shrubs to keep them looking nice and prevent damage to the exterior of the house.

Regular home maintenance helps greatly in avoiding big problems. Keeping a log of the home maintenance projects you have done can be a great tool when trying to attract potential buyers.  Beware of sellers who do a quick-fix last minute onceover of the house and yard when they get serious about selling but haven’t properly maintained the home. That can mean hidden costs for the buyer, impressed with the first look. Of course you want your home to look as cheerful and inviting as possible all the time but preventative maintenance can also increase property value through professional care.


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