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Why Is It So Hard To Get Good Help Around Your Home…. Bad Contractors!

Every profession has it, the bad apple that makes it seem like all of them are rotten. Don’t believe me? What comes to mind when I say “salesperson” or “lawyer” or “mechanic”? So it seems that one bad contractor can make it hard to get good help around your home.

Do some looking

Why Is It So Hard To Get Good Help Around Your Home…. Bad Contractors!While it may seem difficult to find a good contractor, all it takes is doing some leg work. Take a few minutes to do the following and you will find a contractor who will do the job, at a fair price and with the quality you demand. Do these BEFORE you call anyone.

First, ask friends and family

First, ask friends and family who they have used and how they liked or didn’t like their contractor. It will give you a place to start and get you the honest opinion of someone who has dealt with them. It’s not just some testimonial on a website from someone you don’t know.

Next, take your list, however big or small, and check for licensing

A contractor who isn’t willing to take the extra step to get a license to work their craft isn’t for you. It’s more than just a way the state “gets a cut” of their business. It’s a way to know that they have passed a test of basic standards for their livelihood. It also tells you they were willing to take that step and are proud of their business.

Next step check for complaints

But even bad contractors get licensed, so the next step is to check for complaints. Check different sources like Yelp. Call or go online to the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged there and how they were handled. Did the business do the right thing and fix the issue? Check complaints and responses. How they respond is telling in how they value customers. Did they make attempts to make it right or did they just ignore them?

Check the local courts

Next, check the local courts for any lawsuits filed against them and/or by them. They are all public records so look over the complaint filed and answer filed and what the outcome of the case was.

Last, interview your final choices and ask questions

Especially ask if they are insured and bonded. Ask if they have any special certifications or training and find out how they became educated in their specialty. Speak up and don’t become the next victim of a bad contractor.

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