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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays| Finish All Those Honey-dos

The air is getting crisp and cool and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to start getting your home ready for all the holiday parties. As you look around your home, you realize that it’s not really ready for company.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays| Finish All Those Honey-dosThat paint project you started in the bathroom still needs finishing. The kitchen appliances need to be replaced. And, oh no, those carpets look horrible and need a good steam cleaning or even replacing. Time to finish all those “honey dos.”

Throughout the year home improvement projects big and small get started, but not always finished. When it’s just you and your family in the house, it’s annoying, but you can live with it. Now, you’ll have other people in your home. Annoying just turned into embarrassing. All those half done projects need finishing. Other projects you’ve been meaning to start are still undone. That “honey do” list is looking really daunting. Maybe you can tackle some of them, but do you really have the time and expertise to get it all done before holiday entertaining?

Now might be the time to find a little bit of help to take that “honey do” list to a “honey done” list. A handy man or contractor can come in and get those jobs all done quickly and professionally. No last little bit of the project left undone for months on end. No “I couldn’t get to it” red faced explanations to friends who ask about partially done paint jobs or broken tiles. Embarrassment gone.

Getting your home ready for the holidays should include having time to decorate and also enjoy the fun of the holidays. Find someone to help. It would be the perfect time to get the ones you didn’t get started accomplished. Of course, you can do what you can yourself, but don’t stress.
Your home will be updated and holiday ready. No muss, no fuss, no “honey dos.”

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