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What Is Gentle Wash Roof Cleaning? | Palm Harbor Roof Cleaning

Choosing the right company to clean your roof can save you thousands of dollars. So what should you look for to choose that right company?

In Palm Harbor look for one that uses a gentle wash system, a company like Elite Home and Property Services. Here’s what Elite does to keep your roof clean for a guaranteed 1,000 days.

What Is Gentle Wash Roof Cleaning? | Palm Harbor Roof CleaningThe one thing Elite doesn’t do is use high pressure power washers. Why? Because they are designed to use high pressure to blast off dirt, which also blasts off roofing materials and damages those that don’t end up on the ground.

Using high pressure takes the protective surface from roofing tiles, cracks them and also aerosolizes the spores from the mildew, algae and mold which only puts them right back where you don’t want them… on the roof.

A gentle washing system doesn’t need high pressure. Instead it uses a cleaning solution to do the hard work first. The cleaning solution is applied and allowed to sit and work. The solution application has the pressure of a garden hose making it safe to use on all types of shingle roofs. No cracks, no shingles flying off the roof, and no spores getting back on the roof, so the mold, mildew or algae are not back growing again in months.

Elite also makes sure that the solution only kills the things growing on your roof, not the things growing in your yard. The solution, by design, is harmful to plants. The only type of cleaners that effectively clean mildew and algae are sodium hypochlorite base solutions. Those salts will harm plants. Elite makes sure that they do two things. First, they cover all your plants with tarps to keep the majority of the solution off of them. Next, they douse all the plant life with plenty of water after the tarps are removed to rinse it away completely.

Roof clean, not damaged, and guaranteed to stay that way. Plants healthy and undamaged. Money left in your pockets. Now THAT’s a win/win!

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