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Gentle Wash to Clean Your Roof

Gentle wash is a term used for a way to clean your roof without damage.
When you need to clean your roof, many people may tell you that high pressure washing is the solution. It isn’t. High pressure washing damages your roof, but there is a better solution: Gentle Wash.

Gentle Wash to Clean Your RoofGentle Wash is a process of applying a cleaning solution, letting the solution sit and work, then using low pressure water to rinse it away. The solution is effective against lichen, moss, mold, mildew, algae, road grime and dirt. It is safe and won’t damage your roof. The pressure from the water is about the same as the pressure coming out of a garden hose.

Many people wonder if the process is safe for their landscaping. The solution is harmful to plants, but only if precautions like covering your plants aren’t taken. Since the solution is designed to clean algae using a sodium hypochlorite base, plants can be damaged if the solution dries on them. Your roofing professional should cover your plants with tarps, then rinse the plants down after they are uncovered. No salts to dry no problem!

Not every company uses Gentle Wash, so be sure to do your homework. Ask them, but also beware of the “lowest price” company. They may not have the specialized equipment needed to do the job. Also make sure that anyone who performs services on your home is licensed and insured, and be sure they can prove it. Ask them to give you a step by step discussion of their process. Are they Gentle Wash procedures? Then make sure they guaranty their work.

Using Gentle Wash is one way to be sure that your roof is safely washed. It helps extend the life of your roof by cleaning it and by not damaging it at the same time. So if you’re worried about the cost now, think about the bigger cost later. Would you rather clean your roof gently and extend its life, or damage it for a cheaper quick solution and replace it sooner?

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