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Florida Pool Maintenance Questions – Why Doesn’t Our Pool Overflow When It Rains?

Do you have pool maintenance questions? A good question is why doesn’t the pool overflow after it rains? Like many in Florida, you have a pool, and like many in Florida you get a lot of rain at times, especially during hurricane season.

Florida Pool Maintenance Questions - Why Doesn't Our Pool Overflow When It Rains?You might be worried about your pool overflowing and causing an issue with water flooding your yard or even your home, but you haven’t seen it happen yet. So why doesn’t your pool overflow?

Backwash The Filter

The first reason is that pools are designed to leave room for rainfall. If your pool water level is normally 3 or 4 inches, you’d have to have more than that amount of rainfall to make the pool top off and overflow. In the normal operation of your pool you will usually backwash the filter once or so a week. This removes some water from the pool as well, so unless you’re expecting a huge deluge, you’re probably fine.

Overflow Fitting

A second reason may just be that your pool’s systems have a measure in place to keep your pool from overflowing. Many have an overflow fitting installed in the mouth of the skimmer that drains excess water out of the pool through a drain line. Simple and effective.

Don’t Remove Water From Your Pool

If your pool doesn’t have an overflow fitting there are still things that you can do to be sure that it doesn’t happen.

If you are expecting a lot of rain, such as a tropical storm or hurricane, preventative measures should be put in place. Don’t remove water from your pool. It may sound like a good idea, but it leaves your pool vulnerable to damage from wind driven debris and taking too much out can make your pool “pop.” This happens when an empty or near empty pool basically floats up out of the ground when the groundwater rises.

Since Florida has high groundwater tables, it is a likely issue if you drain too much water. If that happens the pool, decking and even your home can be damaged.

Be sure that the water level before the storm is normal, so you can backwash the filter to remove a small amount of water to get that normal level. If you’re worried during the rainstorm, keep an eye on it and go out and backwash again.

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