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Spring is on the way, let’s talk about exterior home painting as maintenance

 Spring is on the way let’s talk about Exterior Painting Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you have made what may be the biggest investment you will ever make. Along with keeping your home in good repair for your own pleasure, is the necessity to preserve the value. Over time, as a rule, property will increase in value or at least hold its value. This however is only true if you keep your home in good repair, part of which includes keeping the paint in good condition. Painting your house not only makes it look nice it can actually protect the underlying building materials from elemental damage. Exterior painting is the one form of home maintenance that does double duty.

As spring approaches now is the time to start thinking of those yearly maintenance items that go along with home ownership.

Here is a small check list.

Are the gutters full of leaves and debris?

Mold and algae on the north side of the house? Time to pressure clean.

Decaying wood fascia and trim boards especially on the corners?

Need caulking around the windows?

Is algae and mold growing on the roof? Time to clean roof.

And the list can go on

Walk around your home with a pad and pencil and take notes on what could be potentially high cost repair items if left neglected.

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