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It Is Really Easy To Kill Your Landscaping! Don’t Let A Slaughter Happen In Your Yard

Pressure washing or pressure cleaning with harsh chemicals is a sure way to turn into a plant killer. It is amazing how quickly a little cleaning can turn into a yard full of It Is Really Easy To Kill Your Landscaping! Don’t Let A Slaughter Happen In Your Yarddrooping or dead plants. Here is some info about the chemicals that are sometimes used incorrectly to clean roofs and homes.

Mold and mildew removal

First, bleach is great for removing things like mold and mildew, and typically the bleach is diluted to a 3:1 water-to-bleach ratio. When it runs off onto plants and dries, it becomes salts when the bleach breaks down. When that happens, the high salinity on the plants makes it difficult for them to absorb water which eventually kills them off. You can rinse plants, but if you don’t rinse them enough, or the plants you have are delicate, it won’t help. A professional who is experienced in using bleach in their detergent mix will know exactly how long to rinse plants to keep them safe.


Detergents can also be problematic. While many are biodegradable, they can also be fatal to plant life. Most detergents are diluted to a 10:1 water to detergent ratio. Even that diluted, the detergents can cause brown spotting on some types of plants. Enough brown spots can cause plant death. Rinsing, like with bleach, can help, but if not thorough enough plants can die.

Rinse your plants

A good pressure washing company will do several things to prevent any of this from happening. First, they will avoid the worst of the detergents. Knowing that they are deadly to plants. Responsible companies will then cover plants regardless of what kind of cleanser they use. Keeping any cleaning agents off your plants, no matter how plant friendly, is an even better solution. Next, they will rinse your plants thoroughly after the covers are removed thoroughly just to be on the safe side.

Hire a professional

So be a smart consumer and know what to ask., don’t depend on internet advice to do it yourself and hire a professional who is as worried about keeping your plants alive as you are.
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