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Don’t Let Santa Slide Off the Roof – Get it Restored TODAY

Santa Claus has a message for you “Please check your roof! I don’t want to fall through or slide off!” Seriously, though, now is the time to check and see if your roof needs to be repaired or restored. Florida fall and winter weather is a great time to get it done.

Don't Let Santa Slide Off the Roof - Get it Restored TODAYIf you noticed problems during the summer but they were put in the “it would be nice to do but it can wait” column, fall is a good time to have the work done. Hurricane season has passed, but the holidays haven’t quite gotten here yet. Your home will be warmer in the cooler winter temps, and ready for those spring and summer storms.

Replacing a roof is a big expense, and it’s why it is usually put off until there is a catastrophic reason to do it, like a leak. Taking the time now to restore the roof before it becomes catastrophic can keep that expense to a minimum.

Treating your roof to restore it could get an additional 12 years from your roof, with no leaks, mold or algae, and lower energy bills. Doing it in the cooler, drier fall means that your home won’t be incredibly hot while repairs are being done, and you won’t have to worry about leaks during construction. Remember that some restoration may mean replacing tiles or shingles or even a piece or two of underlayment. Keep your home dry, efficient and looking better. How’s that for a Christmas present from Santa? So trying Nutech, a sealant, will do the trick. It is 100% waterproof and resists mold and algae. It can also lower energy bills by up to 20%!

So replace if you must. If you have a huge hole, rotten underlayment or other issues that can’t be glossed over, don’t wait. But if you find that the age of your roof means you might just be headed to replacement time, try sealing it instead to restore it and Santa will have a safe stop at your house this year!

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