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Do You Need a New Roof?

Do you need a new roof? Would you know? How often do you even look at it? If you’re like most people, not often enough. But you should. Making little fixes here and there can save you a boat load of money down the line. If you’re thinking about selling in the next few years, having a roof in good condition is a huge plus.

Construction WorkerSo how and when should you inspect your roof? Well, at least twice a year, for when. Spring and fall are probably best. Both seasons aren’t too hot or cold, and before weather extremes of the summer and winter. As for how, inside and out and up and down.

First, take a flashlight up to the attic. From the inside you should look for signs of any water damage, mold or things like rusty nails. Look to see if the roof deck is sagging. Look for dark spots or trails or any light showing through joints in the decking or roof itself. Also check insulation for water, mold, etc.

Next go outside and look at the roof. Are there any shingles missing? What shape are the shingles in? Inspect your roof for damaged flashing, curling, blistering, buckling, rotting and algae growth (which occurs most often in humid climates and appears as dark or greenish stains) and for any dips or waves in the roof line. Get up on a ladder and get a good look at the shingles. Also check the gutters. Keep an eye out for a lot of shingle granules which look like large grains of sand. When the roof gets really worn you’ll see a lot of them.

If you see some of these signs, get your roof repaired fast. Small problems can stay small if you nip them in the bud early. If you ignore them, they will lead to much more expensive ones, sometime not just your roof. So don’t wait, inspect your roof and make sure you make small repairs early.

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