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Do White Roofs Really Reduce Energy Costs?

White roofs can reduce energy costs especially in warmer climates like Florida. Special rubberized roof coatings will help save you money. As everyone’s costs rise, finding ways to contain and even lower those costs is on everyone’s mind. Coating your roof in white is one way to reduce your energy costs.

Do White Roofs Really Reduce Energy Costs?It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Just have your roof painted with a special white heat reflective coating and your costs will go down. In this case, too good to be true is actually true. Studies show that white roofs reduce air-conditioning costs by 20 percent or more in hot, sunny weather. Dark roofs absorb as much as 90 percent of the sun’s heat energy, while a white roof can absorb as little as 10 percent or 15 percent. And that white roof doesn’t cost that much more than a darker colored roof. These savings are especially seen in areas where the temperatures are higher year round. In cooler areas, some have contended, it doesn’t help much. In the Tampa, Florida area, cooler temperatures usually aren’t the problem!

For those worried about going green, lower energy consumption also means fewer of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global climate change. Art Rosenfeld, a member of the California Energy Commission, has been campaigning for cool roofs since the 1980s. He argues that turning all of the world’s roofs “light” over the next 20 years could save the equivalent of 24 billion metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions. According to Mr. Rosenfeld, it would be like turning off the world for a year. In fact, Florida has adopted building codes that encourage white-roof installations for commercial buildings. And some local energy providers have rebate programs to incentivize home and commercial building owners help save energy usage.

The science behind white roofs is rather simple. Solar energy delivers both light and heat, and the heat from sunlight is readily absorbed by dark colors. Lighter colors reflect back a large part of the radiation which helps keep the building cooler. They also re-emit some of the heat they absorb. The idea isn’t new. Houses in hot climates have been whitewashed for centuries. In Florida, before air conditioning, white- and cream-colored houses with reflective tin roofs were the norm.

Don’t like white? Then try cream, grey, etc. Any color that is light will give some of the same heat reflecting properties. Do it today, for your wallet and the environment.

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