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DIY Home Maintenance

There are many, many things homeowners should not try to repair or install unless they are licensed. Most of those tasks fall under the categories of anything electrical, anything having to do with plumbing, or anything structural. But there are preventive maintenance things that most of us can and should take on.

  • Inspect the caulking around the exterior of your windows and re-caulk if needed
  • Remove dead tree branches that could fall during a heavy rain or ice storm
  • Keep your gutters clean
  • Have the best stocked emergency kit possible with flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit
  • Keep important documents including: insurance policies, birth certificates and passports in an easily accessible waterproof box
  • Know how to turn your electricity off in the event your house gets flooded and don’t restore power until everything has dried out

If you have even the slightest doubt about anything you are doing in your home, we can assist with your home maintenance needs. If for any reason your requirements are out of our scope, trust me…we’ll connect you with a trusted professional. Messing with things you understand doesn’t do anyone any good.

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