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Deep Cleaning Home Maintenance Checklist | Home Maintenance Palm Harbor

Believe it or not, spring really is just around the corner. Time to make your checklists for your deep cleaning and home maintenance. Make an inside list and an outside list for your spring cleaning. Easier to tackle that way!

Outside Home Maintenance: A lot of the items for outside are more maintenance than cleaning

• Check exterior doors and windows for cracks, caulk issues or torn screens

• Clean windows outside

Home Maintenance Palm Harbor• Check the roof for missing shingles or have a professional inspect it

• Check the deck for rotted wood or exposed nails

• Clean cement walkways, driveways and pool decking

• Clean the roof and siding (or have a professional do it)

• Check the fence for weak spots, replace any fencing that needs it

• Check the condition of the patio furniture

• Prune trees, bushes and freshen up landscaping

Inside Home Maintenance: Lots of cleaning and some maintenance

• Clean walls, door knobs, light switches and the walls around the switch plates

• Paint, if needed

• Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures and baseboards

• Steam clean the carpets and upholstered furniture

• Clean windows on the inside

• Wash linens, curtains and sheers

• Scrub appliances inside and out, including running a clean cycle on your washing machine, oven and dishwasher, cleaning the refrigerator condenser coils and defrosting the freezer

• Vacuum the lint trap on your dryer and check the vent hose for lint as well, vacuum it if necessary

• Check safety items like replacing batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and checking the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher

• Change the filter on the heating/air conditioning unit

• In the bathroom, be sure to scrub the grout, shower doors and replace toilet flappers

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