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Property Maintenance and Curb Appeal

Well, according to a recent article about home maintenance and renovations entitled “Renovating Doesn’t Pay off Like it Used To” posted on CNN Money, ‘curb appeal is king.’

Although curb appeal was the big buzz phrase on all the home improvement shows for the longest time, apparently it is still considered an important element in how a home is perceived whether you are selling it or staying in it.

But there appear to be extremes of exterior maintenance. There are the homeowners that do nothing and then there are those who fanatically trim errant blades of grass missed by their lawn maintenance guy.

Bottom line, your home doesn’t need bonsai gardens and coy ponds to put its best foot forward. Here in Clearwater, property maintenance involves a good power washing regime and just staying ahead of problems before they happen. To top it off, fresh exterior paint and a neatly trimmed yard with low maintenance shrubbery is transforming and affordable.

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