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What Color Should You Paint Your Front Door

So you finally repainted your home and realize that your What Color Should You Paint Your Front Doorfront door is looking a bit forlorn. Time to paint your front door too! Beyond looking for a complementary color to your house color for its focal point, did you know that the color you choose can say a lot about your personality?

Bold colors would be red, orange and yellow

A red door shows that the owner is an energetic person. It beckons you to come in for the excitement to come. It shows passion. If you’re into Feng shui, a red door also attracts positive energy to your home. An orange door means the owner is a friendly, fun-loving, extroverted person. Yellow says the same as orange, but add in a cheery personality, warm like sunshine.

Cool it down to colors like blue and green

Front door blue? Well that could mean that you are a calm, peaceful, tranquil person who wants their home to be a retreat from the craziness of the world. Blue is a reminder of the ocean and sky. A green door says a few things, depending on hue. In general, green tones say safety, health and eco-friendly tranquility. If they’re more like sage to more intense grass-inspired hues, it says you have a harmonious home environment and that you care about your community.

Prefer neutral tones?

Well it says a lot as well. A black door says you are classy, sophisticated but also conveys authority. A white door shows you tend to be an organized person who likes a clean, neat home. Somewhere in between black and white is grey, and that says you are dignified, but with a modern streak. Brown door? Natural, organic and earthy, projecting stability, warmth and reliability.

More of a free spirit?

Think purple tones. A purple door says free spirit, dreamer and risk taker. Like a more intense purple means more drama with a royal flair. Softer shades like lavender say carefree and breezy. Like pink? Well most people wouldn’t paint their door pink, but pink says happy, cheery and lighthearted. it also says youthful and exciting.

So go ahead and choose that color and make a statement!

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