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Clearwater Property Maintenance and Lighting

Floridians are spending more time indoors between the temperatures and the bursts of rainfall. And when you spend more time indoors, you start to really see the things you’d like do as far as property maintenance and beautification. If you need property maintenance, we’d of course be happy to assist.

We’ve blogged before about the power of paint and how color can transform a room. Another pretty simple way to refresh your home’s interior is with lighting fixtures. Floor and table lamps make great accent pieces, but a new ceiling fixture will change the entire room. Our handyman services can paint and install fixtures in no time at all, but if you really know what you’re doing then let there be light!

There are a ton of features and ideas out there so Google lighting design or visit a home improvement store. If you’ve never considered track lighting, take another look. The construction no longer consists of an ugly bar with cone shaped, sliding fixtures. There are all kinds of combinations and styles from which to choose.  What’s cool about track lighting is that it gives you the opportunity to do your own “lighting design” and illuminate specific parts of the room.

Give our Clearwater handy man a call if you need help. But consider lighting as a really good interior design option.