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Clearwater Pressure Washing

Different pressure washing techniques can be used for all different types of property maintenance jobs. The pressurized water spray is produced by specially designed pumps. The spray itself is many times more powerful than the typical garden hose and is much more effective at cleaning your surface without the damage that may be caused by high pressure cleaning.

With professional equipment, you can effectively clean unsightly and potentially damaging mold and other stains from concrete. The screens of the thousands and thousands of pool bird cages in Clearwater, Fl are magnets for pollen and just about anything else a screen can catch. You can really enjoy the beauty and the fresh air from your Florida lanai if your screens are properly maintained.

At Elite Home and Property Services we even offer non-pressure roof cleaning for your tile or shingle roof to help this very expensive component of your home look great and give you the most out of its warranty.

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