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Cleaning Your Pool Deck – 3 Key Things To Watch Out For

Spring has sprung and it’s time to open your pool. After a hard winter, the decking around your pool is probably in desperate need of a good cleaning. Did you know that only about 1% of pool decks in Florida are made of wood? With many types of decking materials, do you know what to watch out for when cleaning your pool deck? There are a few you should look for.

Cleaning Your Pool Deck - 3 Key Things To Watch Out ForPool decking, no matter the material, should be cleaned regularly to prevent things like bacterial growth, slick surfaces and damage to your deck and pool.

Pool decking can be made from all sorts of materials: wood, brushed concrete, textured modified cement or other cement coatings, ceramic tile, rubber granules, stone, brick, or epoxy aggregate. That’s a lot of different kinds of materials to know how to clean, and procedures will vary.

Wood deck damage

Is obvious, rotted wood, frayed corners, splitting and so on make it obvious that there is a problem. Do you know what to look for with the other types of decking?

Small cracks in concrete may seem innocuous

But is it a symptom of a bigger problem? Can it lead to problems in the future?

Is missing grout in ceramic tile a problem?

Can it lead to a bigger problem? Obviously small cracks or missing grout, caulking or mortar can definitely lead to worse damage if it isn’t addressed while it’s small damage.

However, if you don’t know to look for the small damage: what it is and where it is, you won’t know until it’s too late.

In order to be sure you clean your particular decking correctly, hire a professional. They will know how to best clean your decking and can also spot damage early when it is a quick, inexpensive fix, instead of a big, expensive one!

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