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Cleaning Your Deck – Why Your Wood Gets So Grey And Dingy Looking

Spring is here! Halleluiah! After a rough winter you’re seeing that your wood deck hasn’t fared as well. It looks grey and dingy. Despite using pressure treated wood and staining it to protect it, obviously it needs a good spring cleaning. So why does it look that way?

Your deck is exposed to the weather and sun

Over time and even with protection, your wood deck can get grey, looking old and dingy. Your deck is constantly exposed to the weather and sun. Rain, from the daily afternoon storms, to bigger weather systems, weather is a huge detriment Cleaning Your Deck - Why Your Wood Gets So Grey And Dingy Lookingto decks. Then there is the punishing Florida sun. UV rays from the sun are especially tough on wood decks. The sun will bleach the color from your deck, even protected ones.

Even the best protected deck will suffer

Eventually even the best protected deck will suffer. And don’t think that pressure treated wood will keep you from having to clean your deck. Pressure treated wood is treated to protect the wood from bugs, and also from water rotting the wood, but not from discoloration from the sun and weather. Fortunately the discoloration is only “skin deep” and can easily be removed.

The best protection for your deck is a regular cleaning

Keep it free from dirt and debris, mildew and mold. All of those things can keep moisture on the deck and promote more mold and mildew. Getting rid of the mold and mildew, stubborn dirt and discoloration can be done by thoroughly cleaning your deck with a pressure washer. Then a re-staining with a heavy duty protective stain and your deck will be the best looking deck in the neighborhood!

Even better, hire a professional to clean it for you and make sure it always looks fabulous. Give us a call today for a free deck cleaning quote! (727) 599-9252

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