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Cleaning Your Birdcage – Pro Pressure Washer Tips

If you have an outdoor pool in Florida, you know what cleaning your birdcage means. Because of bugs, birds and even lizards, having your pool enclosed in a screened enclosure that, yes, looks like a birdcage, is a necessity. Because it’s mostly screening, power washing is a seriously bad idea. It does get dirty with dust, dirt, grime, etc. and needs regular cleaning. So how can you clean it?

What is the best way to clean your birdcage?

Cleaning Your Birdcage - Pro Pressure Washer TipsBecause it’s surrounding your pool, harsh cleansers are out as well. You don’t want that getting into your pool and throwing off the chemical balance of the water. Even if you clean from the inside out and rinse it through the screens to the outside, you also don’t want harsh cleansers that will kill your plants or grass either. So start by using a mild soap such as dish soap. Mix it with water in a bucket and find a soft bristle brush. Use the brush to scrub from side to side, up and down, inside and outside.


Then use a garden hose and rinse the screens. Snap-dry the screens by flicking or tapping them to shake off most of the water then allow them to air dry. If they are very dirty, do the process over again.

Aluminum fixtures and casings

Use the scrub brush and soap to also clean the aluminum fixtures and casings. Don’t use heavy bleach on them since it can compromise the integrity of the aluminum or discolor it. If there is mold or mildew that is stubborn, you can try a very weak bleach solution, but the better idea is to call a professional.

If you have problems with the cage don’t try and fix or clean it yourself. Call a professional to help you with getting and keeping your birdcage clean.

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