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4 Brick Driveway Cleaning Tips From The Pros | Palm Harbor Driveway Cleaning

Your drive used to look fabulous, but now it’s looking rather shabby. You need to clean it, but aren’t sure how. Here are some brick driveway cleaning tips.
General cleaning
To clean it generally, do this: sweep the driveway to remove any loose dirt and dust. The day before you plan to clean it, spread clay cat […]

Top Tips For Hardscape Maintenance

Hardscape are the areas of your yard that are made of hard materials like stone, wood or even concrete. It can be a retaining wall, pool,fountain or planting beds. While they look great when you first install them, hardscape areas can start to wear easily if you are not maintaining them regularly.
Here are my top […]

Paver Maintenance – Why You Should Have Your Pavers Cleaned And Sealed Regularly

You spent a lot of time and money having your paver walkways, patio or driveway installed and it looks fantastic. Perfect color and style. Nothing left to do, right?
Well, if you want them to stay looking fantastic you need to do paver maintenance on by having them cleaned and sealed. Yes, sealed. But why […]