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Can Your Roof Control the Temperature of Your House?

Without a doubt, your roof takes the brunt of any heat issues. But can it help control the temperature of your house? Yes, it can, and here are some things homeowners can do to help control temperature.

Can Your Roof Control the Temperature of Your House?Between the UV rays from the sun and the heat rising in your home, your roof can be an integral part of your efforts to keep your energy costs lower. The sun beating down on your house can push heat into your living space. In cooler months, since heat rises, it can escape the living area into the attic. Either way, it is making your heating or cooling system work harder, wasting energy. You can do two major things to control the temperature and keep this from happening: insulate the attic and coat your roof.

One way to keep heat where it belongs is to make sure the attic is well insulated. Make sure there is enough insulation between the ceiling of the floor below and the attic floor. That keeps heat or cool air in the living area where it belongs. But unless you have a way to keep that excess heat from the sun outside the attic, it will only do so much. To do that, having an efficient roofing material, and/or coating your roof will make all the difference.

Coating your roof accomplishes a lot. First it protects it from damage, but mostly it helps reflect UV radiation from the sun which contributes to reducing the temperature of your home. It reduces it by not allowing it to penetrate in the first place. That alone can make a difference in temperature in the attic of 10+ degrees in the summer heat.

Having less heat coming in and heating up the living area in the summer, or being lost from the living area in the cooler months will keep your energy bills lower. You can control the temperature of your house by using your roof! Talk to a roofing professional today to see how they can help.

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