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How Can Roof Cleaning Extend The Life of Your Roof?

Do you think that a streaky, splotchy roof is normal? They all get that way, right? They do, but did you know that a good roof cleaning can help it last longer? It can, and it takes those streaks and splotches off the roof and keeps them from damaging the shingles.

So what are those stains and such? The dark splotches that streak across roofs are caused by bacteria known as gloeocapsa magma. How Can Roof Cleaning Extend The Life of Your Roof?It’s a kind of algae growth that attaches to the roof. It then begins to consume the limestone filler in your shingles’ granules. If the growth goes unchecked it will eventually cause loss of roof granules. The granules are what reflects the sun and heat away from the roof, and one lost leads to greater heat build-up which leads to higher energy costs for you. Cleaning the algae off the roof stops this process and extends its life.

Most homeowners think that the streaking is normal wear and tear and that a roof should only last 12 to 15 years. What they should know is that if they keep that streaking off their roof with regular cleaning, shingle life can be as high as 20 to 25 years or more. Of course, how you have it cleaned also makes a difference in the life span of the roof.

Hiring a company who is familiar with a “soft wash” method is best. This method uses a biodegradable cleaning solution that is designed to adhere to the roof instead of running off and causing property damage.

Not to mention that the cost of a new roof can be thousands of dollars, while the cost of cleaning a few hundred. Money well spent if it means that you can put off spending several thousand another 10+ years!

What you should avoid are companies who say pressure washing is the way to go. Pressure washing further damages the shingles, and spreads algae spores into the atmosphere where they quickly re-attach to the roof or get into your home.

Have your roof cleaned by a reputable professional and help your roof last longer! Give us a call today to find out how to get a “soft wash” clean with a 1,000 day warranty! (727) 599-9252

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