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Can you restore an Asphalt Roof?

Can you restore an Asphalt Roof? Can you restore an asphalt roof? Often when people talk about restoring a roof, it’s a metal or tile roof. Since replacing an asphalt roof is less expensive than replacing other types of roofs, restoring one is probably not the first thing homeowners think about when they are looking at an older roof. But, they should be asking their contractor, can you restore an asphalt roof? Even better, should they ask that before the roof is too old?

The answer is a resounding yes! you CAN restore an asphalt roof! You certainly can restore an asphalt roof, and if it’s done before it is too old or damaged, it can extend the life of that roof significantly. To find out if it’s possible with your roof, you need to have the roof inspected. If you’re having issues with the roof leaking or if there are areas where its “wavy” you may need to have it replaced. Leaks or waves mean that the underlayment is probably damaged and needs replacement. If that’s the case, it is probably a good idea to replace the entire roof. However, if the roof is in generally good shape, no waves, leaks or missing shingles, then restoring it is a great idea.

A sound roof is easily restored with Nutech products. First, the roof is washed with a low pressure wash so that the shingles aren’t damaged. Once the roof is cleaned, it gets a coat of Nutech Heat Reflective Asphalt Primer. Next the roof gets two coats of Nutech Infrared Heat Reflective Roof Coating NXT Cool Zone in your choice of color. NXT Cool Zone is impregnated with self cleaning nano-technology. That will keep your roof cleaner, longer and save you from having to have it cleaned more often.

A sound roof, even if it’s an older roof, can be restored to look and act like new. Restoring it will save you money in the long run in energy bills and replacement costs. Try it today! Give us a call to find out more…(727) 599-9252

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