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Can You Clean A Shingle Roof | Roof Cleaning Clearwater and Palm Harbor Florida

If you’re wondering whether you can you clean a shingle roof, the answer is yes, you sure can! If you’ve started noticing black streaks on your roof, you know it’s probably more than just age. It’s worse than dirt. Be careful not to choose just any roof cleaning business. Choose a professional who uses a gentle roof washing system.

Professional Cleaning

Can You Clean A Shingle Roof | Roof Cleaning Clearwater and Palm Harbor FloridaHaving your roof professionally cleaned is important. It will extend the life of your roof if you do it when it needs it. A professional company will use a system that gently washes your shingle roof. They will start by applying a cleaning solution that will sit on the roof and work its magic. The solution will probably contain a sodium hypochlorite base solution that cleans and kills all the bad stuff. The best part is that it will do that without hurting the shingles!

Low Pressure Wash

Then the best companies use low pressure so that there is no damage to your roof. That’s another key part of protecting your shingles. Using pressure that isn’t any higher than what your average garden hose will rinse off the solution, but not the granules on your roof shingles. The shingles on your roof aren’t damaged. They will last years longer now that they are clean and rinsed with low pressure.

Protect Your Plant Life

Lastly, professional roof cleaning companies will also be sure to protect the plant life that surrounds your home. First they will cover them before any solutions are placed on your roof. Then they will take the extra step of rinsing them thoroughly after they are done. Now you have a clean roof, that will last years longer and undamaged shingles.

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