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What is the Best Kind of Roof to Have in Florida?

Warmer climates like Florida have different demands on the roof of your home. So what is the best kind of roof for Florida? That depends on your tastes and needs.

What is the Best Kind of Roof to Have in Florida?Florida has two issues in the warmer months: heat and humidity. Both are really hard on your utility bills. Too much humidity in the air makes it feel hotter. Most air conditioners remove excess humidity to cool the air. If you live in an area with high humidity, keeping as much of the humidity out of the home is the goal.

Saving energy costs in hot and humid climates really starts at the roof. Well sealed rooflines help keep humidity out. The best kind of roof in Florida reflects the heat back off the roof instead of absorbing the heat from the sun. Materials like certain types of metal, clay or slate are much better at reflecting heat. The less heat and humidity that comes in, the easier your air conditioner has to work and the lower your energy costs. More traditional shingle roofing materials hold and transfer heat into the home, making it hotter in the home. Trapping heat in attic areas causes a plethora of problems, such as mold and mildew issues.

Materials like metal reflect heat. Other materials absorb it but don’t hold the heat as well. Your best bet is to use a reflective coating on your existing roof. Make sure to talk to a roofing professional about whether it is a good solution for your existing roof, and whether any repairs will need to be done first. A good roof coating will provide a seal to keep humidity out and reflection to keep excess heat out as well. The lighter the coating, the more reflective it is.

Keeping energy costs low is important to everyone these days, and finding a great professional to help you do it is an integral part of the solution. The best kind of roof to have in Florida is an energy efficient and heat reflective roof.

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