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How To Avoid Stains On Your Driveway and Garage

Your driveway and garage are made of different materials, but the most common are concrete or pavers. So let’s say your paver driveway ends in your concrete garage.

Most people don’t worry about how their garage floor or even their driveway looks, but staining can make your home look unkempt and uncared for. Who wants that? What can you do about it?

Start by having each cleaned thoroughly

How To Avoid Stains On Your Driveway and GarageNow that your surfaces are stain free, how do you keep it from happening again? A concrete sealer is a great idea for your garage floor.

There are many and some even have ways to make the floor have colored specks. They are as simple as paint on a wall to apply. A sealer will make cleaning spills of any kind easier and prevent them from becoming permanent stains.

A great solution

As for sealing your driveway pavers, Seal ‘n Lock is a great solution. Seal ‘n Lock prevents stains and build up of that annoying white gunk. There are two great products, Natural Luster and Super Wet, to help you get the look you want for your driveway.

Natural Luster is a urethane modified acrylic sealer that has an algae and mold inhibitor. It provides a protective barrier and negates the need for polymeric sand. It looks natural.

Super Wet is a water based urethane sealer that gives the same protections as Natural Luster, but has a higher gloss for a wet look. Both make it easier to clean up spills and stains and harder for them to become permanent.

These are great solutions, but may not be something you want to do yourself. No worries! Find a professional who can get your surfaces clean and then seal them up tight for you.

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