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Announcing: Contractors Secret Weapon!

Dave Negri and Justin Jones are happy to announce that they have started a new website Contractors Secret Weapon! The site, is a great amalgamation of written and spoken words to help contractors become more successful. Great articles and exciting podcasts are available NOW!

Announcing: Contractors Secret Weapon! is a great source of marketing information for building contractors. It is a unique place to find information that is written and provided by contractors for contractors. We know your business and unique challenges in marketing your business. Using great written articles and informative podcasts you will hear from the best marketing specialists. These specialists will give you tangible tips especially for building trades. Topics include marketing, selling cycles, branding, positioning and more.

Dave and Justin will present you with the best information to help you achieve success. They will provide you with the best information to help you value your business in such a way that you will attract the best clients. They will help you utilize those best clients to continue to build your business. Many contractors don’t educate themselves in these areas, preferring to be experts in their craft. Without some expertise in building their business their expertise in their craft won’t do much good.

Dave was a successful painting contractor for 25 years, who successfully moved from contracting to investing when the housing market crashed. He has the knowledge and experience to help you build a successful contracting business. Dave has continued to educate himself about business building and marketing. Now he is marrying the two to benefit your contracting business.

Justin is a working contractor who holds multiple licenses in Florida. He understands the challenges of marketing for contractors, and also has shared his expertise as an author and entrepreneur in the construction industry. Justin is an accomplished author Every Contractor’s Selling Handbook: How to Round Up Prospects, Build Value and Get Referrals available at Kindle.

Together Dave and Justin have a plethora of experience that can help you improve your business building skills, focusing on sales, marketing, and leadership.

You can also go to itunes and listen to our podcasts and download free podcasts:

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