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5 Stunning Front Door Paint Colors To Try

5 Stunning Front Door Paint Colors To TryYour home looks dull and drab from the outside. The siding is in great shape, so replacing it isn’t the issue.

How can you spruce up the front of your home? Paint your front door. The color you choose depends on the color of your siding, but choosing a striking color can make your home the standout in the neighborhood.


From fire engine red to deep ruby to burnt umber, red can be a great way to make your home pop. Reds with a cool base look great against white, blue or grey. Warmer shades work well with off white or other warmer shades of the same color groups. A red door is inviting. Why else would Elizabeth Arden use it for her trademark spas?


From lemon yellow to marigold to golden hues of light amber, yellow can be a shaft of sunlight greeting you and your guests each day. It gives your home a summery feel that brightens your day. Be careful, though. Don’t go too bold, or make it look juvenile. Playful is good, Disney isn’t.


From Caribbean inspired blue greens to deep indigo, blue is a great choice for your front door. Indigos are so deep that the color seems to change at different times of the day. It’s a dramatic choice, especially when paired with bright white trim. The “beachy” shades don’t have to be relegated to beach properties. It can bring a bit to the inlands, or remind others of jewel tones.


Oranges, from bright hues to darker pumpkin shades are a bold choice that will draw people inside. Works well against a dark charcoal backdrop or against blue hues as well. Orange makes a dramatic statement.


Greens, from deep evergreen to emerald to lime green, also make a bold statement. Lime green looks great against a backdrop of brown, grey or a raisin-colored exterior. Jewel toned emerald also looks great against browns, blues or white. Either way, a green door will give yourself and your guests a sense of calm and serenity.

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