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5 Purely Florida Exterior Paint Color Combos

Is there Florida exterior paint color combos that will show that you live in Florida? Yes, some are more apt to be found on the Gulf Coast, some on the east coast, or how about South Florida? It’s time to paint the exterior of your Florida home and you are thinking about color palettes to use.

Why not go all Florida and choose a palette that just screams “MY HOME IS IN FLORIDA”?

Bold color choices

Florida is a place where bold color choices are the norm. A lot of this is because the areas was and is 5 Purely Florida Exterior Paint Color Combosstrongly influenced by the tropical colors of the Spanish from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and South America, not to mention the year round warm weather that allows beautifully colorful flowers and flora to influence building colors.

From the crazy, bold colors of Key West and South Beach to the more traditional, yet Florida colors of the northern part of the state, you have plenty to choose from.

Coastal Inspiration

If you want to go coastal inspired, think aquas, blue-greens, bright blues, coral, pinks and even bright greens. If you want to be a bit more subdued, choose a neutral off white or tan, then paint your doors and shutters a blue green. If you want to go for a more South Beach or Key West feeling, go coral and aqua, or aqua and bright yellow green.

Another choice would be warm yellows. Yellow has so many choices to add to it for trim and door/shutters. You could choose a buttery yellow and pair an earth toned red for a more traditional look. Another idea would be a sunny yellow and use a yellow green for trim for a sunny Florida feel.

Gulf Coast charm

For a Gulf Coast feel, think coastal charm. Darker blues and greens combined to give a warm, inviting and relaxed feeling. For the traditionally minded, a tan home color with a dark blue green trim and maybe even a red door for some extra pop. If you’re more adventurous, take those blue greens a bit lighter and try a pop of salmon for that door pop.

Traditional, yet southern

If you want truly traditional, yet southern feel, try choosing wedgewood blue and bisque blends. Light grey with a bisque tinge is great for trim. The wedgewood blue will reflect the sunny, blue Florida skies.

Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association so you don’t have to repaint, then go with your favorite and make your home FLORIDA!

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