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5 Palm Harbor Pool Safety Tips

Owning a Palm Harbor pool home means taking on a special kind of liability. There are things you should do to make your pool safe, as well as fun. Here are some pool safety tips for your Palm Harbor home.

Pool deck clean and sealed

First, make sure that the pool deck is clean and sealed with a sealer that has a non-slip surface. This will keep wet feet from sliding and stop falls. The expense of non-slip sealer can save lives. 5 Palm Harbor Pool Safety TipsSlipping on a wet deck, banging your head and falling into the water is a real possibility. Non-slip sealers can and do save lives.

Have safety measures in place

Next, make sure there are other safety measures in place. Fencing, self-latching gates or even a safety cover. That way you can be sure that no one is in the pool when they shouldn’t be. If you have small children, consider installing a pool alarm that goes off if anyone enters the pool.

Children supervised and pool rules

In that same vein, always make sure that children are directly supervised at all times.
Your number one pool rule should be NO ONE swims alone. Other pool rules that should be put in place are no diving in shallow water (4 feet or less), stay away from drain covers and walk around the pool deck.

Take life saving courses

Consider taking Red Cross courses in water safety, lifesaving and CPR. Knowing how to react in a pool emergency is important. People drown in minutes and help may be more than minutes away. If family members can’t swim, enroll them in swimming lessons.

Care and maintain your Palm Harbor pool

Keep the pool water clean and maintain pool chemicals properly. This will keep things like rashes, swimmers ear and more serious diseases away from your friends and loved ones. It also keeps your pool looking fantastic. If you don’t know how to care for a pool, find a local pool maintenance company to help, or go to a pool supply store for water testing and advice on how to care for your pool.

Pools are fun, just be sure to make them safe too!

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