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5 Great Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home Maintenance

Spring is right around the corner and your home may need some sprucing up and maintenance to get it out of winter mode and into ready for warmer weather mode. Get into spring cleaning!

Start with a roof inspection

It’s time to clear debris off the roof and from the gutters. Summer sun can be 5 Great Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home Maintenancebrutal on shingles, so having a professional inspect your roof and gutters to make sure everything is intact and attached correctly is the way to go. If there are any loose shingles, replace them and make sure that the layers underneath are intact. Check inside the home for any signs of a roof leak. If your roof is older, talk to a professional about whether it needs replacing. Downspouts should be checked to make sure water is sent away from the house so your foundation isn’t damaged.

Check your foundation

Speaking about downspouts and water damage to foundations, it’s a good time to check your foundation too. Whether you have a basement or just a crawlspace, go and inspect it. Look for cracks or other damage and if you find any contact a professional to further inspect it.

Do you have low areas in your yard?

Home maintenance includes the outside areas! Whether the low areas in your yard funnel water to the foundation or not, filling in those low spots is a good way to make sure your summer isn’t full of mosquitoes. They just love standing water. Don’t give them any.

Next check your decks and patios

Look for stains, discolorations, or warping in any wood. Depending on how warped the wood may be, replace it. Have the deck cleaned, restained and resealed. If any nails are popping, pound them back in or replace them with new. Concrete patios should be cleaned and sealed or resealed.

Inspect your HVAC

Lastly, have a professional come out and inspect your HVAC so you know your AC is ready for that first hot summer day. On your own you can replace filters and check the condensate drain hose.

Make sure your home is ready for warm weather! If you need a hand with all of this, call Elite Home Services in the Tampa Bay area today! (727) 599-9252

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