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Fun Home Maintenance Hacks | Home Maintenance Clearwater

Spring cleaning and maintaining is right around the corner and, yes, you’re dreading it. But don’t! There are some fun home maintenance hacks that can make it so much easier.

Easy fixes

You know all those small things, like fixing small holes in the wall (darn door knob…) or recaulking the bathtub? Here are some really easy fixes. For the caulk, use painters tape to make the lines straight. Clean the area to be caulked and let it dry. Then place strips of a medium adhesion painters tape above and below where you need to caulk and go for it. Peel the tape off while the caulk is wet and voila! Straight lines!

As for the holes, if you’ve ever tried to fill them in, you know it’s a daunting task. Try using makeup sponges instead of the mesh tape. Cut them to size, put them in the hole, spackle over and when it’s dry, sand and paint. Easy peasy and it actually fills in the hole!

Have you ever cleaned your windows only to find they are still streaky?

Fun Home Maintenance Hacks | Home Maintenance ClearwaterA few tips here. First, don’t wash them in direct sunlight. Wait for a cloudy day or for a different time of day, and then wash them.

The problem usually comes in when the heat from the direct sunlight dries the cleaner before you can even wipe it away. Next, don’t use rags or paper towels, try newspaper instead when you clean your windows. Sometimes microfiber towels work well too. Try both to see which works better for you.

Remember that ceiling fan that wobbles and makes a lot of noise?

The blades and motor are probably either dirty or off balance. So first rule out dirt. Dust the blades and clean the base. Then look for loose screws. Sometimes all it takes is tightening them up and the blades will be secure and realigned. If it’s still problematic after that then go to the hardware store and ask for a balancing kit.

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