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4 Things To Watch Out For if You Hire A “Cheap” Roof Cleaner

Hiring a roof cleaner, like hiring any other contractor can be a fantastic experience or a total nightmare. If you go cheap, instead of finding a quality roof cleaner that might be a bit more expensive, you may find yourself with more problems than you had before you had your roof cleaned.

Here are some things to look for.

First, look out for “the cheapest”

4 Things To Watch Out For if You Hire A “Cheap” Roof Cleaner  First, look out for the roof cleaner who advertises they are the cheapest guy in town. Ask yourself this: why are they the cheapest? Where are they cutting corners? What kind of chemicals and equipment are they using? Cheap doesn’t mean good. Do they use high pressure water and the wrong solutions, or low pressure water and the right type of solutions providing the best and longest lasting results?

Where did you see their advertising?

Stay away from companies that use shady websites to advertise. Craigs List may be popular, but it’s definitely a buyer beware place to look for contractors. Other sites that have vetted their contractors are probably a bit better.

Don’t rely solely on a website. Always check a roof cleaning company out from referrals, testimonials and possibly google reviews. Even ask your friends on facebook. Good roof cleaning companies will be licensed if it is required in their area, insured and possibly bonded. They will have few, if any, complaints and not be the defendant in a lawsuit for poor work performance.

Ask good questions

When you speak with the company before your decision, do they avoid answering questions about insurance, bonding, history or giving referrals? If you get a feeling that you are being handed a snow job, then you probably are.

Remember, the integrity of your home is at stake

Done wrong, a roof cleaning can lead to serious damage to your home. Mold problems, damaged shingles and even broken tiles. Is it worth it to save a few dollars? Hire the best, not the cheapest.

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