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4 Fun Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint In Your Home

You’re standing in the paint store and you see it – chalkboard paint – and wonder, what could I possibly use it for? Well, here are some ideas.


4 Fun Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint In Your HomeIn the kitchen paint one wall with it and use it for a few purposes. First, draw or paint a permanent grid for a calendar. Now you have a perpetual calendar that you can decorate depending on the season, and also use different color chalk for each person in the house so schedules can be easily discerned at a glance.

Use another section for an ongoing grocery list, and yet another for menu selections/recipes/to do lists and message center.

Have kids or grandkids?

There are a number of things you can do with kids in mind.

Paint a wall or half wall in the playroom or their bedroom with chalkboard paint for a fun place they can safely be creative.

Try painting a small table, or even your kitchen table with chalkboard paint. Then quick games of tic tac toe or checkers are easily drawn and erased, or a fun way to leave messages to each other at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It also makes a great way to help with homework by providing an erasable, and eco sensitive way to use “scratch paper”.

Don’t want to do the whole table? Paint some inexpensive placemats for the same effect.

You can also paint the front of their dresser with what goes on each drawer to help teach them organization.

Household uses:

Household uses are endless, but here are a few ideas.

For window or deck gardening, paint flower pots with chalkboard paint so you can label them with what is growing in it.

Don’t want to put that grocery or to do list on a visible wall? Paint the inside of a cabinet that can be closed but is easily accessible.

For entertaining there are some fun ways to use it as well. Paint a set of coaster that people can write their names on, or purchase an inexpensive set of wine or martini glasses and paint or dip the bottoms in the paint. Now your guests can write their names and no one picks up the wrong drink. Those coasters can also be used as magnets on the fridge for mini chalkboards, just put some magnets on the back.

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